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For information on The Chosens contact: 

Colin Cox :   (818) 437-8223  * *. IG @mirrortonature

Fran De Leon :  (818) 437-1272 * *. IG @frandeleon

The Chosens

The Nine Realms of Botah, riddled with catastrophic quakes and tsunami, are on the precipice of annihilation. Only Polyhistor Costa, and the foreign-born Chosens, chosen to combat the evil forces of the lurking Dred Laird and the despotic Baron Riddoch of LeBoe, offer any hope of curing the land of its ills.

Book 1

Hi, Cascadia here.

Seeing as she's such a skinflint, the first three chapters are free, then you'll need to sign up as a member [red button, top right], and pay, a few pennies for each chapter. I know. I tried, she's just really cheap! At least the codicil is free. Enjoy.

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