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For information on Firsts contact: 

Colin Cox :   (818) 437-8223  * *. IG @ mirrortonature



The 'Hyphenated' History of America


Firsts is a seven-season dramatic series 

[eight episodes per] that shares the major accomplishments of ‘hyphenated’- Americans. Here lie ‘colorful’ stories of courage, tenacity, pride, and patriotism; testimonies as vital to the American landscape as any tribute to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, or Roosevelt. 


    Soul of a Nation                          African American

    Latinos Shaping a Nation            Latinx

    Gam Saan                                   Asian Americans

    Wounded Body & Soul                Native Americans

    Nothing Queer About It                LGBTQ

    Herstory                                       Women

    In It Together                               Today’s Issues



Soul of  a Nation - African American,

HerStory - American Women

Women In Science

Gam Saan - Asian American

Shaping a Nation - Latinx

Nothing Queer About It - LGBTQ

Wounded Body & Soul - Native American

Each play contains six 'playlets' outlining the story and achievements of an 'unknown' American hero and how their lives affect us today.

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